We are thrilled to offer professional, educational and lifestyle books for your enjoyment.  Our professional books include medical, legal, and business selections. We also offer hospital scrubs, lab coats, clogs, stethoscopes among other medical accessories.  Great gift ideas and greeting cards with free gift wrapping.  Outdoor patio with healthy, organic and allergy free snacks and drinks available for purchase. We aim to bringing together good people and feed their minds, body and spirit.  Also available for private meetings or gatherings.

702 Ayers Street,  Corpus Christi                              books@bythebookbookstore.com

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About Our Venue

Community Projects

2017 Summer Book Program

​Join our By the Book Club, any age up to 12th grade.  Earn first book by joining our book club.  Free book every week with accepted written book report to bookstore owner.  Additional books earned through point system.  Earn one point for bringing a friend to our bookstore.  Earn two points for bringing a friend who joins the book club, earn two points for participation in reading group discussion and lastly earn 5 points for leading the reading group discussion or hosting a read aloud Story-Time.

Tuesday //
Coffee Club

Members Only receive 10% discount

Begin: 10:30 am / Conclude: 11:30 am

Free coffee


Wednesday// 1st,2nd,3rd & 4th week
Educational Classes

Adult Book Clubs

Women, Men, College, BYOBook club

Begin: 5:30 pm / Conclude: 7:30 pm



Thursday // 1st,2nd,3rd & 4th week

Lecture Series- Topics Vary

​Children and Teen Book Clubs

Preschool, Grammar, Middle, High School

Begin: 4:00 pm / Conclude: 5:30 pm



Thank God its Friday Group, >age 21 

Lifestyle book selections & Music

Begin: 5:00 pm / Conclude: 5:30 pm



Children's Story time 

10% discount with children

Begin: 11:000 am /Conclude: 11:30 am